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Material is generated by an aluminum layer polyethylene covering 01 classes. Products packed in rolls
- Use directly under the superior kind of metal roofing, roof tiles, fiproximang in residential systems, livestock farms, temporary works.
- Lay on a suspended ceiling, plastic ceiling, plaster ceiling; supports all kinds of partition;
- Use of insulated piping system
- Lined ceilings, floors and walls in a car; etc.
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Product Details

Insulating a face

Insulating double-sided

- The insulating effect:

+ Compartment is 95-97% radiant heat outside, preventing the absorption of heat in the summer and heat in winter.

+ Temperature difference between the two sides of the product is about 50-70%.

- Ability to soundproof: Helps reduce noise 60-70%

- Type: Surface materials clean and beautiful.

- Impact on environment: no harmful materials to human beings, the environment; prevent the existence of mold, bacteria and water condensation; protect and increase the life of the roof.

- Installation and maintenance: Installation is convenient, quick, easy, does not require maintenance.

- Cost savings: the power supply of light and air conditioning

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