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Explosion squeeze foam rolls antistatic

Slightly Porous Membrane today has many different names calling as based on the use of this product, which we call the name or based film damping characteristics to name Styrofoam ball when, on the existing market in common with the film name Slightly foam. Characteristics of this type of product is the gas containing particles on the surface area from 5mm to 10mm gas particles. Published date: 26/12/2015 -  Views: 1897 Category: Squeeze foam explosion Status: Still Price: Contact
Product Details


Material: Plastic virgin LDPE and Gas Function: Anti-shock, waterproof, packaging

Ball diameter: 5-10 mm Color: White, red

Size: Custom widths available 1m2,1m5,1m8 or specifications. Features: 1 layer or 2 layers of bubbles Formalism: The coils, sheets or plastic bag

Explosive properties of foam massage:

- Contains a small gas particles off the surface tension

- High toughness high elasticity

- Environmentally friendly non-toxic

- Anti-shock absorbing capacity

- Capable of electrostatic resistance

- Custom Colors: White or red

- Application of Porous Membrane Steam

 Applications in Industrial Packaging

Squeeze foam explosion is being processed in the form of pocket size to wrap shaping industrial products or lined plate to insert rows as needed long hauls.

- Packing industrial electronic products, anti-shock, anti-capacitance by resilient.

- Processing of porous plate shaped bags in many sizes

- Making packaging products electronic components need anti-static

- Can be recycled

Explosion squeeze foam rolls antistatic



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