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- Maboshi rug is a new baby rug for the baby that has just appeared on the market recently. - Maboshi baby rug is a product manufactured in Vietnam is trusted by Vietnamese mothers today, maboshi carpet is considered the perfect choice for your baby. The main advantage of the Maboshi playmat is that it is soft, clean and easy to clean. It can be used for all four seasons of the year and is especially safe for young children. Published date: 10/12/2018 -  Views: 140 Category: Maboshi Styrofoam Styrofoam Status: Still Price: Contact
Product Details

- Two-sided carpet, decorative drawing, different colors.

- Size 120cm x 200cm; 150cm x 200cm; 160cm x 200cm; 180cm x 200cm; 220cm x 200cm; 250cm x 200cm; 300cm x 200cm is firmly trimmed.

- Made of soft foam material, free of toxic chemicals.

- Decorate letters, numbers, animals, fruits ... colors vibrant, eye-catching.

- Suitable for babies of all ages.

- High thermal insulation, good sound insulation.

- Easy to clean, foldable neatly into the bag.

    *** Maboshi carpets have 2 soft sponge surfaces with a variety of sizes that will ensure your baby's safety at all times. Soft material that supports every movement of the baby, letting the baby sit, crawling, doing the play, playing with toys on the carpet. Even when the baby fell helplessly on the carpet or hand, kneeling on the carpet is not afraid of pain because the carpet is very smooth and thick undercoat. On the other hand, this kind of baby play is anti-slippery so mother always assured when she toddler, crawling, running on the carpet.

  Highly educational

   Maboshi playmate is decorated with funny pictures, vibrant colors will make him very playful and especially stimulate the senses, IQ of children. Mom can choose baby carpets decorated with letters, numbers, cartoon characters, fruit, funny animals or landscapes.

  The Maboshi Playmate is highly educational because it combines a number of image-based lessons and is suitable for children of all ages. When playing, teach your child how to recognize colors, animals, fruits; For older children, teach them how to read letters, count numbers or learn simple English words. With Maboshi carpets, babies can play and study the world around them.

Uses all four seasons

   You can use Maboshi carpets for baby carpets all year round year round. The mats are well insulated, giving a cool, warm summer feel. When you take your baby away, you can fold the carpet into a very neat bag. On the other hand, this type of play mat is suitable for all types of floors and has good soundproofing qualities which are suitable for use in apartment or apartment families.

Easy to clean

  The surface of the carpets is waterproof so you can easily clean the stains, food, drinks or baby's water with a damp cloth. Thanks to this waterproof ability, the carpet is always dry, clean, does not leave the smell when the baby to eat food or to the carpet. Your baby will play comfortably all day on a soft, clean carpet.

 Absolutely safe for children's health

  Manufacturers pay close attention to the safety of the Maboshi carpets for children. Maboshi floor mats are made of high quality materials and use the technology to ensure absolute safety for children's health. Barium, Cd (Cadmium), Hg (Mercury), Cr (Crom) - substances extremely toxic to the skin, respiratory and digestive tract of children. The surface uses a technology that is odorless, non-toxic and does not irritate the skin. Therefore, you can rest assured that the baby play all day on the carpet.

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