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Play carpet for baby Maboshi

Maboshi play mats are baby play rugs recently released on the market recently. Maboshi baby rugs are products made in Vietnam and are trusted by Vietnamese mothers today. Maboshi mats are considered the perfect choice for your baby. The main advantage of Maboshi's carpet is that the carpet is soft, easy to clean, can be used all four seasons of the year and is especially safe for the health of children. Published date: 08/04/2019 -  Views: 1048 Category: Maboshi foam carpet Status: Still Price: Contact
Product Details


- 2-sided carpets, decorative drawings, different colors.

- Size 120cm x 200cm; 150cm x 200cm; 160cm x 200cm; 180cm x 200cm; 220cm x 200cm; 250cm x 200cm; 300cm x 200cm with solid edges.

- Made of soft foam material, does not contain toxic chemicals.

- Decorate letters, numbers, animal shapes, fruits ... vibrant colors, eye-catching.

- Suitable use for babies in many ages.

- High thermal insulation, good sound insulation.

- Easy to clean, neatly folded and put into bags.

Maboshi carpets have 2 sides with soft foam material with various sizes to ensure safety for children to play anytime, anywhere. Soft carpet material supports each movement of the baby, so that the baby can freely sit, practice crawling, practice walking, playing with toys on the carpet. Even when the baby accidentally bumped his head on the carpet or against his hands, kneeling on the carpet is not afraid of pain because the carpet is very smooth and has a thick lining. On the other hand, this type of play carpet for children has the ability to be slippery, so she is always assured when she learns to walk, crawl and run on the carpet.

- Highly educational

Maboshi play mats are decorated with funny pictures, vivid colors will make them very interested in playing and especially stimulating the senses, IQ of children. You can choose baby rugs to decorate letters, numbers, cartoon characters, fruits, funny animals or landscapes.

- Carpet surface printed letters and numbers help children play while learning

Maboshi play mats are highly educational because they combine many lessons through pictures and are suitable for children of all ages. When playing, mother teaches her how to recognize colors, animals, fruits; For older children, mothers can teach them how to read letters, count numbers or learn common simple English words. With Maboshi, he can play and learn and explore the world around him.

- Use all four seasons

You can use Maboshi play mats to make baby rugs all four seasons all year round. The carpet has good thermal insulation, creating a cool feeling in summer and warm in winter. When you take your baby to play far away, you can fold the carpet back into a very neat bag. On the other hand, this type of play carpet is suitable for all types of floors and has good soundproofing ability, so it is very suitable for families in apartments or dormitories.

- Easy to clean

The carpet surface is waterproof so you can easily clean your baby's stains, food, drinks or porridge with a damp cloth. Thanks to this water-repellent ability, the carpet is always dry, clean, leaving no smell when the baby drops food or pokes the carpet. Your baby will play comfortably all day on a soft, clean carpet.

- Absolutely safe for children's health

Manufacturers pay close attention to the safety of Maboshi carpets when making play mats for children. Maboshi carpets made of high quality materials and use printing technology ensure absolute safety for children's health. Porous material does not contain Pb (lead), compounds of Barium, Cd (Cadimi), Hg (mercury), Cr (Chromium) - extremely toxic substances for the skin, respiratory system and digestion of young children. The surface uses printing technology that is odorless, non-toxic and does not cause skin irritation. Therefore, you are completely assured when your baby plays all day on the carpet.

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