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Slightly porous Balloon (Air bubble) would be death

Steam bubbles foam - toy attached to anyone's childhood, especially from the end 8x generation onwards. Maybe everyone is excited about sitting "squeeze" a little sponge with bangs bubble emits tiny, just funny ears, just as an act to support-sad-sad-hand-leg. In the subconscious, this piece of vapor bubbles are often used to use for lining the large moving objects, avoid bumps, scratches. But when it was finished using it, they also have other uses as an "entertainer" for children. Anyone interested, and more than 1 time each sitting "fondled" the bubble sponge, squeeze the little cup and giggle. Even until now, many adults still have the habit of seeing little sponges that "grabs" bubbles sitting squeeze the sponge until slightly "flat clamp" is new only.

But the information will probably make many people feel regret, Sealed Air, the company specializes in producing Bubble Wrap (sponge slightly airbubble), said it will create a new sponge version but will not be as explosive squeeze before. This also means the believer addiction "squeeze" a little sponge about to be goodbye to the old version and will not have the chance to return to childhood with this product again.

Reportedly, cause Sealed Air decided to replace the old version because it covers much and therefore will be very costly to the shipping company. This also means they have to use more trucks to transport goods and of course the consequences resulting gas is discharged much more environmental pollution

The new version will be called iBubble, this foam products upon delivery from the factory to the companies clients will not have a little inside, when the company will use the package dedicated to exaggerate a little for foam This, however, especially type steam bubbles inside this new foam can not be squeezed pool.

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