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The foam type Pe Foam Common

I. Products Foam 0.5mm thick PE foam, 1mm.

1. Characteristics

PE foam products Foam natural white color, various thickness as 0.5mm, 1mm (1 mm = 1LY), widths from 1m2 to 1,35m, 1 coil length can be up to 600m 0.5mm weight about 11kg can be adjusted for each order, foam Foam 8,5-9kg weighing 1mm and a length of 400m. Foam PE thin jams often have much longer wavelength undulations on the surface, soft, supple, and is used for processing into sheet metal packaging bags made electronics.

2 The benefit of the thin foam 0.5 to 1mm

- Is the light, easy to transport in bulk

- Smooth, soft and easy to use for a variety of products with different sizes

- Easy processing of plates, bags for packaging protects products of any size, ease of use, low cost.

- Products can be reused, not polluting the environment.


- Use to wrap, scratch resistant plastic products, furniture, crafts, products need to preserve large surfaces.

- Our products are widely used as large bags containing television, computer, electronics ...

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II.San Pe foam products Foam 2mm, 3mm (ly)

1.Dac points

- The types of foam Pe Foam Common feature natural white plastic beads, with a thickness from 2-3mm (ly), width 1.15m, 150m long, from 6 to 6.5kg weight / coil 2 mm, with type foam 3mm 100m long and weighing about 7kg. Featuring a large wave and thicker foam type generally used for dunnage against bumps goods being transported away.

- Type of porous spongy 2mm, 3mm can add one layer of plastic coated thin HD should surface in order to increase reliability and resilience against mold, very good waterproof, industrial applications in laminate flooring.

- Foam Pe Foam 2mm, 3mm can also add 1 to 2 layers of coated metal surfaces silver or aluminum so to increase the likelihood of thermal insulation, anti-mold used for floorboards for senior secondary residence, could used as roof materials, thermal insulation ...

2.Uu points and Applications

- Products can make insulated, waterproof, anti-mold, laminate flooring ...

- This product has a bigger wave, big thickness ensure certainty as dunnage between products such as doors, glass ...

- Smooth, soft, bear the shock, shaking and other forces without being deformed, which protects the products are transported safely.

III.San Pe foam products Foam 5mm thick, 10mm, 20mm, 30mm to 50mm

1.Dac points

- Pe Foam white foam, 5mm thick waves at 1:15 m width 100 meters long weighing about 13kg / roll.

- Pe Foam white foam, little wave 7mm thick 50m width 1.15m weighing about 12kg / roll.

- Pe Foam white foam, little wave 1.15m width 10mm 50m weight of about 13kg / roll.

- Pe Foam foam thickness of 20 white, pressed by heat from 10mm thick foam layer 2. Pe Foam foam 20mm width 1.05m length 50m, weighing about 23kg roll.

- 30mm thick foam Pe Foam, 50mm .. have a greater thickness as required, are pressed by the heat from multiple foam layers thinner. Injection foam type generally very smooth, relatively solid and durable is commonly used dunnage subject goods have great weight or processed into foam sheets, foam shaped sponge.

2.Uu points and applications

- The types of foam Foam thickness from 10mm or more commonly used for sealants between heavy machinery and industrial goods, and products made from leather, to make briefcase, padded furniture ... thanks to consistent thickness sealings of which retain elasticity, smooth, soft, strong, waterproof.

- Products Also processing of foam types Foam Pe different shapes suspension to match such products as television, computer monitor, CPU, radio ... Is PE foam is used extensively in the electronics packaging industry exports to European countries, replacing the porous sponge blocks are often used. Because PE foam has overcome major disadvantages of foam sponge can be reused, not polluting the environment, while ensuring the integrity of the product. In Vietnam now Pe Foam foam jams becoming more common and are replaced completely porous items such as EPS, or nylon Pe.

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