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Polyethylene is an organic compound (poly) include ethylene CH2-CH2 groups linked together by hydrogen bonds no

Polyethylene is prepared by polymerization of monomers ethylene (C2H4).

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Physical properties

Polyethylene white, slightly in non-conductive and non-conductive heat, no water and khitham through.

Depending on the type of PE that have glass temperature Tg ˜ -100 ° C and the melting temperature Tm ˜ 120 ° C.

Chemical properties

Polyethylene chemical properties such as non-hydrocarbon saturated with fluid effects Axt, alkalinity, potassium and bromine water.

At temperatures higher than 70 ° C PE poorly soluble in solvents such as toluene, xilen, amilacetat, trichlorethylene, turpentine. mineral oils ... Despite high temperatures, PE is insoluble in water, in all kinds of fatty alcohols, acetone, ethyl ether, Glicerin and herb oils.


Due to the above properties, is used polyethylene coated wire, coated goods, as thin rain, containers, manufacturing equipment in the chemical industry.


Based on molecular weight, density, crystallinity and degree of crosslinking that PE is divided into 8 categories:

VLDPE (very low density PE)

LDPE (low density PE)

LLDPE (linear low density PE)

MDPE (medium density PE)

HDPE (high density PE)

UHMWPE (PE ultra-high molecular weight)

PEX or XLPE (PE crosslinking)

HDXLPE (high density PE crosslinking)


As a polymer mainly linear, branched also very short.

Gravity: 0.880 to 0.915 g / cm³

Manufactured by radical polymerization under high pressure.

As amorphous have absolute flexibility, very good toughness, stretch and improve environmental protection, expanding the ability mixed with other soft materials such as PVC plastics, EVA to change features it.

Used to produce shrink film, stretch film, glove, join the transformation process different types of plastics, industrial films, laminated films.

LDPE Gravity: 0.910 to 0.925 g / cm³

Glass temperature Tg ˜ -110 ° C

LLDPE Gravity: 0.915 to 0.925 g / cm³


Gravity: 0.926 to 0.940 g / cm³


In contrast to LDPE, HDPE is produced in a low pressure with a catalytic system as chromium / siliccatalysts, Ziegler-Natta or metanloxen (metallocene).

Density: 0941 to 0.965 g / cm³


A type of PE has a number average molecular weight of millions sizes (from 3.1 to 5.67 million). UHMWPE is very hard to get the application to fibers and bullet casings lining.

Gravity: 0.935 to 0.930 g / cm³.

The melting temperature Tm ˜ 130 ° C

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