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What is Films chit?

Films chit- Products optimal cargo protection

You are anxious to find a product to help protect your goods from the environmental impact, helping fixed and avoid surface scratches. Films chit deserved become the savior for you. Ltd. Contact halftime was a unit leader in the application of new technologies in packaging production. We always want to meet the maximum demand for plastic products have best quality. In addition to product packaging, the membrane chit is a key item, helps leading companies and enhance the reputation of the market.

Films chit is what?

Perhaps the concept of chit membrane was no stranger to many. This product has come into the lives of people from clingwrap to serve in the industrial zones, export processing zones, to meet the diverse needs of the packaging market. Chit membrane or membrane called pe, film co. This product is made from materials LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene linear-) with specially designed structure of the tension, adhesion, durability and clarity, chit films were evaluated as having toughness many times the conventional products at the same price. It has many applications in various fields: food, wood processing, transportation ...

Characteristics of membrane chit

Because being produced on modern lines, with membrane structure should definitely stick chit capable stretch resistant high tensile strength, very durable. Support the covered surface with a variety of customers, large and small package for the user. It features in anti-dust, mold caused by water and air. Fixed help provide absolute safety and without scratches for goods. With a transparent white, film chit ensuring goods are clean, ensuring aesthetic, easy to manage and observable quantities as well as the status of pham.So with other manually shut nhua plastic packaging, membrane tanks, the chit caston remains the most effective tool in the commodity industry in packaging and shipping.

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