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Transportation and storage

With the media and experts of our distributors, the distribution requirements of the customer shipping will be met quickly.

1) transport policy:

a) In the inner city:

- With orders from 300 m2 or more, the company will support transportation to work.

- With less than 300 m2 orders, depending on the specific location, the company will notify the freight to our customers.

b) The area of ??the province:

- For orders over 3000 m2, the company will support the full cost of transportation to work.

- With orders under 3000 m2, depending on the delivery location will have specific detailed policy.

2) Delivery time:

After consulting with the client company about orders, delivery time:

- For the inner city and neighborhood delivery within 24 hours.

- For the remote provinces, the delivery time shall not exceed 48 hours.

3) Delivery Policy:

- Customers will be given the exact address of the order.

- Customers assigned roll materials, product labels complete.

- Deliveries are made from No. 2 to No. 7 in the weekly office hours.

4) Store products:

- Our company recommends customers, after receipt of goods, if not constructed immediately, materials should be stored in a covered warehouse, are placed on pallets, the reels are upright.