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Research, manufacturing products porous membrane

  1. Packing Co., Ltd. Contact Rate specialized products:
  2. Heat- Contact ref: roll film, handbag Thermo, Thermo bag,
  3. Porous membrane products: foam roll, foam massage explosive, porous membrane bag.
  4. Metal Roofing: foam deformities, foam pipe, foam insulation, foam plates
  5. And other product categories: belts, malformed packaging

Heat- Contact Rate

EPE also known as Expanded Polyethylene is widely used for packaging of the product to various breaks, including electronics, computers, sound, lights, crafts, glass, ceramics, electronics Appliances, hardware, etc, ... Insulating (EPE) insert industrial goods, electronics lined tray, insert the carton and pallet ...

EPE foam Our colors are available, with conventional and ESD (Antistatic)) with a thickness of 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 5mm to 100m. The different kinds of rolls and custom cut sizes.

We specialize in the pocket forms in the form matching the specific requirements of customers such as, handbag Thermo, Thermo bag, bag porous membrane. Foam plastic bag (bag EPE foam) coated nylon HD 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm has bolstered its anti-dust, anti-scratch the surface of the product.

Product Advantages of our company are:

- Raw our EP was closed cell types, not cross made up of low density kind Butane nhuapolyethylene environmentally friendly as a good agent and no CFCs (Clorofluorocacbon).

- This bag is a flexible product, soft forms can regain shape after the collision as broken, shattered and crumble. Evidence is virtually impermeable liquid.

- This is a flexible product, soft forms can regain form after a collision like to break, break and crumble. Especially virtually impermeable liquid.

- Our products are widely used in the field dungrong packaging, sporting goods, shoes, insulation, automotive, construction, defense and maritime industry.

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