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Construction and renovation of heat-resistant factory

Insulation against heat is the top issue for the previous workshops harsh climate of Vietnam. Restoration workshop insulation against heat is very high, extremely high, but insulation against heat as how to properly, the highest efficiency, saving on costs as we spent to construction against heat, maintenance costs, maintenance and utility costs that is something that not everyone knows, and not everyone can do it right.

PACKING COMPANY CONTACT BILLION receive rehabilitation heat-resistant construction and machining workshop, repair and renovate the buildings were built not install insulation, sound insulation, heat resistant; construction insulation, anti-heat for factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, houses, hostels ...

Our company will advise the customer to find solutions optimal construction: saving materials, labor saving, saving construction time and guarantees do not affect the operation of the client company row while under construction.


Heat-resistant construction renovation factory

With a team of skilled workers, professionals, work your techniques will be examined thoroughly, making heat-resistant construction methods optimal to bring the highest efficiency of insulation, way sound, heat-resistant, noise reduction; Health protection for customers hang.Dac after special heat-resistant construction companies we will be responsible for 1 year warranty against leaks for the construction works for roof insulation, factory.

Sucking insulation board PE-OPP are composed by PE lamination layer OPP treated antioxidant function Insulation, Insulation, Anti-moist. . . heat used against moisture for factory, warehouse, office and industrial parks and export processing zones.

So why not contact us for advice and execution renovated factory insulated against heat with the most professional style, price optimization and fit your budget.

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