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General introduction

PACKING COMPANY CONTACT BILLION was established 27/12/2007 and officially went into operation on 01/01/2008 . Our company specializes in the research , exploitation and production of porous membranes ( EPE ) , foam massage explosive , foam insulation , linon bag , foam and all kinds malformed packaging convenience trendy public sectors Industry .
Product Advantages of our company : The product is not toxic to the environment , avoid collisions , delayed pulse , moisture and dust , heat and retain heat , UV , scratch brushes rooms , soundproofed , insulation , static electricity prevention , soft , durable , anti -fashioned plant, bearing pulling ... etc

Heat- Contact halftime

Our products are used for: electronics, electrical, computer, loudspeakers, technological equipment, glass, ceramics, household appliances and packaging offerings, alcohol, metals, toys, shoes, everyday items ... etc. Using porous membrane laminated foil close to the ceiling and auto glass definitely. High heat resistance, also very high effect for frozen and picnic. Not only product variety, Ltd. Packaging Contact halftime provides transportation services and storage. We have a team of consultants and use of products, construction renovation factory hot husband. With more than 7 years specialized in researching, producing porous membrane products we have constantly improved application of new technologies to make available the varied products with outstanding quality to bring satisfaction to customers groin.
 Our company specializes in providing:
+ Heat- Contact ref: roll film, handbag Thermo, Thermo bag,
+ Is the porous membrane: foam roll, foam massage explosive, porous membrane bag.
+ Metal Roofing: foam deformities, foam pipe, foam insulation, foam plates
+ And the other product categories: belts, malformed packaging
The satisfaction of customers is our responsibility. Special thanks !


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